Are Portugal And Brazil The Same Country?

Portugal and Brazil share many things in common, from their official language (Portuguese) to the strong influence of the Catholic religion in its population. But are Portugal and Brazil the same country?

Portugal and Brazil are not the same countries. Brazil is an independent country in South America, while Portugal is a European nation. It’s a common question because Brazil was colonized by Portugal and was a colony of the Portuguese crown from 1530 to 1822, the year of the Brazilian independence.

Are Portugal And Brazil The Same Country?

Brazil And Portugal Are Not The Same

Despite Brazil and Portugal being different and independent countries these days, they have a lot of history and traditions in common. And that’s expected, as the Brazilian people have inherited a lot of customs from their colonizers, the Portuguese. The easiest to notice is their language: both countries adopted Portuguese as their official language. Even though, as each country has passed through different adaptations over the years, the Brazilian and European Portuguese versions are not the same anymore (but they are still very similar).

To better understand the specific characteristics (and some common facts) of these two countries, check out the following tables with relevant data about Brazil and Portugal.

Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil)

Brazil is located in South America and is the biggest and most important country on the continent. With an area of 3.288 million mi² (or 8.515 million km2), Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest and sixth-most populous country. While most countries in the continent have Spanish as their official language, Brazil is the only one that speaks Portuguese, a legacy of its colonization by Portugal.

Official NameFederative Republic of Brazil
ContinentSouth America
Total Area3.288 million mi² (or 8.515 million km²)
Population211 million people
Most Populous CitySão Paulo
Number of States26 + Federal District
Official LanguagePortuguese (Brazilian Portuguese)
Official CurrencyBrazilian Real

Portugal (Portuguese Republic)

Portugal is a European country located in the South of the continent in the Iberian Peninsula. The strategic location of Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean was fundamental for its powerful maritime empire and accomplishments from the 1500s to 1800s, including the discovery and colonization of Brazil. The country’s total area is 35,603 sq mi² (92,212 km²). Portugal has a 0.864 HDI, which is considered very high. Lisbon is its capital and largest city.

Official NamePortuguese Republic
ContinentEurope (Iberian Peninsula)
Total Area35,603 sq mi² (92,212 km²)
Most Populous CityLisbon
Number of Districts18 + 2 Autonomous Regions
Official LanguagePortuguese
Official CurrencyEuro

Brazil Was Colonized By Portugal

Despite not being the same, asking if Brazil and Portugal are the same countries is a fair question, considering that both countries have a lot of history in common. Portugal “discovered” and colonized Brazil (not really discovered the country, people were living here already, but the rest of the world at that time had no idea that South America existed).

April 22, 1500, officially marked the arrival of the Portuguese to Brazilian territory, and this event is widely known as the “discovery of Brazil.” The arrival of the Portuguese here was one of the most memorable moments of the great navigations, carried out by them throughout the 15th century. The expedition was led by Pedro Álvares Cabral, a knight of the Order of Christ since 1494 (a renowned order of knights) and still considered today as the “discoverer of Brazil.”

Pedro Álvares Cabral’s expedition had 13 vessels, including nine ships, three caravels, and a supply vessel. Since its expedition arrived in Brazil, the Portuguese presence in the territory has been constant, although small at first. From the 1530s onwards, the Portuguese crown implemented colonization measures here.

Colonial Brazil, Empire of Brazil, and the Brazilian Republic

Brazil was a colony of the Portuguese crown from 1530 to 1822, when the country declared its independence and became the Empire of Brazil. This period was known as Brazil Colony or colonial Brazil; it took place between the 16th and 19th centuries when the current Brazilian territory was home to colonies of the Kingdom of Portugal. Brazil emerged as a sovereign state with independence on September 7, 1822.

Only after almost 100 years did Brazil actually become a republic, on November 15, 1889. Since that date, Brazil has had six different republics, namely:

  • First Republic (1889-1930)
  • Vargas’ Provisional and Constitutional Government (1930-1937)
  • Estado Novo (1937-1945)
  • Fourth Republic (1945-1964)
  • Military Dictatorship (1964-1985)
  • New Republic (1985 – Currently)

Because of this strong connection with Portugal, the countries have a lot in common (no wonder why many people think that Brazil and Portugal are the same countries.) The Portuguese culture has influenced and still significantly impacts the lives of Brazilians, from language to culture, religion, politics, and cuisine. Despite Brazil being an independent country today, these two nations will always be deep-rooted.

Related Questions

Is Brazil part of Portugal? Brazil is not part of Portugal. It’s been an independent country since September 7, 1822. However, Brazil was discovered and colonized by Portugal. The land (that became Brazil) was part of the Portuguese crown from 1530 to 1822, known as Colonial Brazil of Brazil Colony.

Are Brazil and Portugal the same country? Brazil and Portugal are not the same countries. Brazil is a South American country, independent from Portugal since September 7, 1822. Portugal is a European nation located in the South of the continent, in a region known as the Iberian Peninsula.

Are Brazil and Portugal similar? Brazil and Portugal have a lot of similarities. As Portugal colonized Brazil, the Brazilian people inherited many characteristics of the Portuguese culture, such as the language, the Catholic religion, the cuisine, the folklore, and typical Brazilian festivals.

What is the link between Brazil and Portugal? Colonization is the link between Brazil and Portugal. The Portuguese discovered and colonized Brazil back in the 1500s. Brazil remained a colony of the Portuguese Kingdom until September 7, 1822, when it declared its independence from the crown.

How close is Portugal and Brazil? Portugal is 4649 miles (7482 kilometers) distant from Brazil, considering the shortest route that can be done by air travel. The average flight time between Brazil and Lisbon (capital of Portugal) is 9 hours. It’s calculated based on trips departing from Brasília.

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