Does Brazilian Eat Rice? (Complete Guide)

Rice is one of the most eaten foods on Earth. Originating in Japan, this food has an average annual worldwide consumption of 54 kg per person. But what about Brazil: does Brazilian eat rice?

Brazilians eat a lot of Rice, the most consumed food in Brazil. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the most consumed ingredient is Coffee, but as it’s a drink, it’s fair to say that Rice (second-place on the list) is the most consumed food in Brazil.

Do Brazilians Eat Rice?

In general, Brazilians do eat a lot of Rice. Rice is the second most-consumed food in the country (losing only to coffee). Considering that coffee is technically a drink, it is fair to say that Rice is the most eaten food in Brazil. The main reason for this is that the most common dish in Brazil is Rice and Beans.

This combination is eaten every day, in all regions. It’s considered the staple food of Brazil. The dish can vary depending on the type of Rice that is used, different types of Beans (“Carioquinha,” Black, White, and “Fradinho” being the favorite). In addition, it’s usually eaten with a salad and protein on the side (beef, chicken, and eggs are the most common).

But Rice is not only eaten with Beans. It’s the most widely consumed source of carbs in Brazil. It’s a perfect combination with other Brazilian traditional recipes, like “Churrasco” (Brazilian BBQ), Brazilian Stroganoff, Feijoada, and others. See the complete ranking of the most consumed foods in Brazil.

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Rice With Beans: The Brazilian National Passion

So, do Brazilian eat Rice? The answer is a lot. More than a traditional combination, the mixture of Rice with Beans is a national passion. Both in Brazilian homes and in restaurants across the country, this dish is a classic option for lunch or dinner. The most common way to consume this classic food is a “Prato Feito”, which is described in detail in the next section, but basically consists of a simple yet nutritious plate with Rice, Beans, some Protein, and Salad (the perfect “PF” also takes Farofa, the classic Brazilian side dish, and Fries).

This classic combination of ingredients is even a crucial part of the most famous Brazilian dish, Feijoada. Feijoada consists of a Black Beans stew with different cuts of meat eaten with Rice and other side dishes. That’s another reason why Brazilians do eat a lot of Rice. And the relationship of Brazilian people with these ingredients started a long time ago, even before the Portuguese arrived here in the 1500s.

Most experts say that Brazil was the first country to grow Rice on the American continent. The cereal back then was known as “Water Corn” (Abati-Uaupé) and cultivated by the Tupi (an indigenous tribe in Brazil). If this theory is correct, Rice was being cultivated here long before the Portuguese arrived in Brazilian lands. The other hypothesis is that Rice was brought to Brazil by the colonizers from Portugal. Either way, it’s a fact that Rice started being cultivated in Brazilian lands a long time ago.

With beans, there are also two theories: some say that even beans were already cultivated here, but most experts assume that it probably arrived and became part of the diet in the country later by enslaved people. Whether by slaves or indigenous people, the truth is that the mixture of Rice with Beans has been part of the lives of the Brazilians for hundreds of years. A cheap, flavorful, and widely available combination that we can’t live without. It’s eaten on a daily basis, for lunch or dinner, usually 6 days a week.

Prato Feito: The Most Traditional Brazilian Dish

Does Brazilian Eat Rice?

The most common way to eat the combination of Rice and Beans in Brazil is accompanied by a steak, chicken, egg, Farofa, and a salad. At home, usually, all the ingredients are prepared in a large quantity, in separate pots served on the table. This way, each person assemble the plate how they prefer. In my case, a lot of Rice with the Beans over, the protein on the side, and the salad in a different recipient. Oh, and Farofa sprinkled all over, of course.

But there’s another form to eat this combination, probably the most popular (and accessible) dish in Brazil: the famous “Prato Feito”, or just “PF”. The “PF” is an already assembled plate that you can order in pretty much any popular restaurant in Brazil and consists of Rice, Beans, protein, and salad. Some versions also take french fries, and a hot sauce and Farofa are usually on the table.

Does Brazilian Eat Rice?

The main difference between eating at home or ordering a “PF” is that at the restaurant, the chef decides how much and what ingredients will be part of the dish. Particularly, I prefer assembling my own plate, but eventually, a good old PF can be an excellent option.

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Why do Brazilian eat so much Rice? Brazilians eat so much Rice because it’s one of the ingredients of the staple food of Brazil: Rice with Beans, eaten every day all over the country. It’s is even part of the most famous dish in the country, Feijoada, a Black Bean stew with meat served with Rice.

What do most Brazilians eat? As a general rule, the foods that Brazilians eat the most are Rice, Beans, Bread, Beef, and Chicken. The most consumed ingredient in the country is coffee, but as it’s technically a drink, it’s fair to say that the second-place, Rice, is the most eaten food in Brazil.

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