How Much Is A Big Mac in Brazil? Complete Guide

Who doesn’t like a good old Big Mac? A great (not healthy) option of food for tourists and residents running out of time, the Big Mac is more than just a burger. Knowing the price of a Big Mac in a country is not just a great travel tip, but also a piece of information that can indicate how the economy of a country is going. And with Brazil, it’s no different.

In general, the average price of a Big Mac in Brazil is about $3.98, as shown in 2021 reports. At current trading rates, it represents about R$21,05 (Brazilian currency). Considering the Big Mac Index, the snack is cheaper in Brazil than in the US ($5.66) and the Eurozone ($5.16).

These values were calculated considering the current trading rates and as the Brazilian currency is undervalued against the dollar, a Big Mac around here costs less than in the United States. But that’s not necessarily a good thing for the country. In this article, you’ll find a lot more information about McDonald’s and Big Mac’s that can benefit both travelers looking for a cheap meal and investors seeking opportunities.

MC Donald’s in Brazil

Brazil has a great infrastructure in most of the cities and the food here is amazing. Even so, some people don’t like to try different stuff, so is good to know that Brazil has more than 1000 units of MC Donald’s. That’s great news for tourists and backpackers.

If you never traveled to a different country, you don’t know how comforting a well-known food can be. Even more when it’s served in a restaurant with a good structure (who never urgently needed a bathroom on a trip, right?). That’s why Mc Donald’s is a kind of an oasis for travelers. More than that, McDonald’s is a great option because as it’s known worldwide, you know exactly what you’ll be eating wherever you are.

More Than 1000 Units in Brazil

If you can’t live without a good old Big Mac or you’re worried because you don’t like Brazilian food, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a McDonald’s unit here in Brazil. McDonald’s can be easily found in the main touristic destinations, as the franchise is present in more than 200 Brazilian cities. It’s more than 1000 units considering cafes, restaurants, and kiosks.

McDonald’s Is Expensive For Brazilians

In the United States, McDonald’s is considered relatively cheap, but for Brazilians, it’s not. To put it in perspective, a plate of food with Rice, Beans a Steak, and Salada in Brazil cost around $2.38 (R$ 12), when a Big Mac costs around $4.00 (R$20,16). That’s a huge difference considering the size of the meal.

The Big Mac Index

Do you know that the price of a Big Mac in a country can represent much more than just a cheap and fast meal? At least this is what “The Economist” says in their yearly published “The Big Mac Index”, an important economic index to compare the power parity between currencies.

The Big Mac Index represents the price of the Big Mac, in dollars, produced and sold by McDonald’s in several countries. It’s often used to explain an economic concept called “Purchasing Power Parity”. In the long run, the exchange rate should adjust so that the value of $ 1.00 would be equivalent in any country (equivalent purchasing power). Big Mac was chosen because it’s made with the same ingredients in several countries around the world.

  • Cheap Big Mac: If the Big Mac in a particular country is cheaper than the US, that country’s currency may be undervalued against the US dollar.
  • Expensive Big Mac: If the Big Mac is more expensive than in the US, the currency of that country may be overvalued.

Big Mac Index in Brazil

Considering the Big Mac Index data published by The Economist, the current value of Brazil in the ranking is $3.98. The country is in a medium situation, behind the main developed countries, in the 20th position of a ranking with 57 countries.

Here’s the full list with the 57 countries that are part of the Big Mac Index published by The Economist.

CountryBig Mac Price (USD)
United Arab Emirates$4,02
Costa Rica$3,83
Czech Republic$4,12
Euro area$5,16
Hong Kong$2,64
South Korea$4,1
Sri Lanka$3,7
New Zealand$4,87
Saudi Arabia$3,73
United States$5,66
South Africa$2,16

How Much Is A Big Mac In Rio de Janeiro?

A Big Mac costs about $4.92 (R$ 24,90) in Rio de Janeiro, considering the current trading rates in Brazil. The current numbers shows that Brazil currency improved a lot in the first half of 2021, being the currency that appreciated the most in the world during this period.

How Much Is A Big Mac In São Paulo?

In São Paulo a Big Mac costs about $5.92 (R$ 30,00). These numbers show that the Brazilian currency (Real) appreciated a lot in the first half of 2021, being so far the currency that has grown the most in terms of appreciation worldwide in this period.

How Many McDonald’s Are In Brazil?

There are currently 1023 McDonald’s units in Brazil, including restaurants, cafes, and kiosks. The franchise is very popular among Brazilians and one of the most loved fast-food chains in Brazil. Still, the prices of sandwiches and snacks are a bit expensive for the general population.

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