How Much Is Rent in Brazil? A Detailed Research

Rent is usually the biggest expense on a family budget and this is no different in Brazil. Having a good sense of housing costs gives a good indication of the reality of a country, especially for those who are planning to live here.

The average monthly rent in Brazil is about $128,22 (R$697,50) for a studio and about $195,16 (R$1066,00) for a 2-bed apartment. For a 3-bed apartment, at current trading rates, is about $287,50 (R$1564,00). This data considers cities of different sizes and regions and does not consider luxury properties.

To find these numbers extensive research was made, gathering the average rent costs in 10 Brazilian capitals, 10 medium-sized cities (100 to 300 thousand inhabitants), and 10 small-sized cities (less than 100 thousand inhabitants).

What Is The Average Rent in Brazil?

What Is The Average Rent in Brazil?

Brazil is a country with continental dimensions and a population of more than 200 million inhabitants. In a country that big, to have a better idea of the average rent, we need to look for data of different regions and cities of various sizes.

In general, average rent in Brazil is R$ 697,59 for a studio, R$ 1066,00 for a 2-bed apartment and 1564,00 for a 3-bed. Considering the current trading rates (0,19 USD – 1 BRL), these values are respectively $128,22 for the studio, $195,16 for a 2-bed and $287,50 for the 3-bed apartment.

That’s awesome data. But how about the average rent divided by city size? Let’s dive into it.

Average Rent in Brazilian Capitals

The following table shows the average rent by property type considering 10 Brazilian capitals that are properly indicated in the next sections.

The average rent in the Brazilian capitals is R$ 760,50 for a studio, also known as a “kitnet” in Brazil. In the capitals, the cost for a 2-bed apartment is around R$1296,50 and R$ 2100,00 for a 3-bed.

Studio2-Bed Apartment3-Bed Apartment
 $139,00$251,50 $385,50
 R$760,50R$1296,50 R$2100,00

Average Rent in Brazilian Medium Cities

Capitals are usually a world apart, so let’s check the reality of medium-sized cities. The next table shows the average rent in mid-sized Brazilian cities.

To get the average rent for this category we selected 10 mid-sized Brazilian cities (cities with a population in the range between 100 and 300 thousand inhabitants).

Average rent in Brazilian mid-sized cities is $128,22 (R$ 760,50) for a studio, $195,16 (R$1066,00) for a 2-bed apartment and $287,50 (R$1564,00) for a 3-bed apartment. This data was gathered from 10 Brazilian mid-sized cities (population between 100 and 300 thousand inhabitants) from different regions.

Studio2-Bed Apartment3-Bed Apartment
 $128,22 $195,16 $287,50
 R$697,50 R$1066,00 R$1564,00

Life in Brazilian mid-sized cities is pretty good, especially in the one with more than 200 thousand inhabitants. It’s my case. In this kind of city, you can live a comfortable and affordable life without all the rush of the capitals.

Average Rent in Brazilian Small Cities

The last category that we’ve used in our research was small cities. Usually with lower rents because of the lack of infrastructure, this gives an important cut of the Brazilian reality.

To get these numbers a list of 10 Brazilian cities was made, from different states and regions.

The average rent in Brazilian small cities is $100,46 (R$ 546,60) for a simple studio, known in Brazil as “kitnet”. For a 2-bed apartment the cost is about $161,77 (R$ 880,00) and $233,55 (R$1270,50) for an apartment with 3 bedrooms.

Studio2-Bed Apartment3-Bed Apartment
 $100,46 $161,77 $233,55
 R$546,60 R$880,00 R$1270,50

These values do not consider luxury properties because usually, people are looking for standard options. As the rent costs for luxury apartments are higher, this kind of data was considered an outlier in our research.

Average Rent in Ten Brazilian Capitals

Because rent is usually slightly more expensive in the capitals, it’s important to have a good idea of the monthly housing costs in these cities. In this research, we’ve considered the main capitals of Brazil and also some other random cities as shown in the following list.

This is important to guarantee that the data consider numbers from different states and regions in the country.

CityStateStudio2-Bed Apartment3-Bed Apartment
Porto AlegreRS$186 (R$ 1015)$274 (R$ 1491)$406 (R$ 2207)
FlorianópolisSC$157 (R$ 857)$284 (R$ 1546)$385 (R$ 2096)
CuritibaPR$146 (R$ 798)$245 (R$ 1335)$338 (R$ 1837)
São PauloSP$243 (R$ 1323)$274 (R$ 1493)$487 (R$ 2650)
Rio de JaneiroRJ$183 (R$ 996)$231 (R$ 1258)$458 (R$ 2494)
Campo GrandeMS$121 (R$ 661)$185 (R$ 1008)$272 (R$ 1482)
RecifePE$131 (R$ 718)$278 (R$ 1512)$419 (R$ 2277)
BelémPA$132 (R$ 723)$258 (R$ 1402)$386 (R$ 2100)
ManausAM$117 (R$ 641)$225 (R$ 1224)$302 (R$ 1644)
FortalezaCE$129 (R$ 702)$231 (R$ 1258)$322 (R$ 1752)

The research shows a well-known fact in Brazil, that São Paulo has the most expensive rent in the country. This fact was confirmed by our research, as costs in São Paulo were the highest when compared with the 10 capitals in the list.

As shown in the table, the most expensive capitals in terms of rent are São Paulo, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and Porto Alegre.

Average Rent in 10 Medium Cities

To understand the reason why the average rent in mid-sized Brazilian cities is $128,22 (R$ 760,50) for a studio, $195,16 (R$1066,00) for a 2 bedroom apartment, and $287,50 (R$1564,00) for a 3-bed apartment, we need to look with detail into the numbers.

CityStateStudio2-Bed Apartment3-Bed Apartment
Taboão da SerraSP $156,25 (R$ 850) $220,59 (R$ 1200) $294,12 (R$ 1600)
Santa MariaRS $130,88 (R$ 712) $198,16 (R$ 1078) $248,71 (R$ 1353)
Governador ValadaresMG $99,63 (R$ 542) $146,69 (R$ 798) $211,21 (R$ 1149)
Juazeiro do NorteCE $94,12 (R$ 512) $123,53 (R$ 672) $147,43 (R$ 802)
Volta RedondaRJ $138,24 (R$ 752) $230,70 (R$ 1255) $334,74 (R$ 1821)
Foz do IguaçuPR $147,79 (R$ 804) $242,65 (R$ 1320) $353,86 (R$ 1925)
São JoséSC $120,40 (R$ 655) $189,34 (R$ 1030) $321,69 (R$ 1750)
Rio VerdeGO $125,55 (R$ 683) $193,75 (R$ 1054) $280,88 (R$ 1528)
PalmasTO $92,28 (R$ 502) $187,68 (R$ 1021) $251,29 (R$ 1367)
PetrópolisRJ $147,43 (R$ 802) $273,53 (R$ 1488) $325,55 (R$ 1771)

According to the data shown in the table the most expensive mid-sized cities in terms of rent are Taboão da Serra, Petrópolis and Foz do Iguaçu (by the way, Foz is a beautiful Brazilian city in the border of the country forming a triple frontier with Argentina and Paraguay, where the Iguazu Falls are located).

Average Rent in Ten Small Cities

Last but not least, let’s take a deeper look into the list of the 10 small-sized cities selected for our research. All the cities in the following table are considered as small by our research, meaning their population is less than 100 thousand inhabitants.

CityStateStudio2-Bed Apartment3-Bed Apartment
SarandiPR $64,34 (R$ 350) $107,17 (R$ 583) $162,87 (R$ 886)
ItajubáMG $99,63 (R$ 542) $152,94 (R$ 832) $242,83 (R$ 1321)
ValençaBA $75,74 (R$ 412) $120,04 (R$ 653) $165,44 (R$ 900)
Campo MourãoPR $119,49 (R$ 650) $165,81 (R$ 902) $202,94 (R$ 1104)
ItapevaSP $128,68 (R$ 700) $242,65 (R$ 1320) $347,43 (R$ 1890)
Caldas NovasGO $101,29 (R$ 551) $165,26 (R$ 899) $243,38 (R$ 1324)
SorrisoMT $181,99 (R$ 990) $261,40 (R$ 1422) $319,85 (R$ 1740)
Barra do PiraíRJ $99,26 (R$ 540) $158,27 (R$ 861) $224,26 (R$ 1220)
AracruzES $174,63 (R$ 950) $279,41 (R$ 1520) $543,01 (R$ 2954)
ItacoatiaraAM $65,07 (R$ 354) $99,82 (R$ 543) $135,48 (R$ 737)

This is the data used for get in the conclusion that the average rent in small cities is $100,46 for a simple studio, $161,77 for a 2-bed apartment and $233,55 for an apartment with 3 bedrooms.

How Much Money To Live Comfortably in Brazil?

If you enjoyed this article and want to know more about the costs of living in Brazil, check the complete article on How Much Money Do You Need To Live Comfortably in Brazil.

In short, to live a comfortable life in Brazil a couple needs a monthly income of 1221 USD. For a family of four, the necessary income is around 1741 USD.

Usually, the rent is the biggest expense on the budget of a family. Use both articles together and you’ll have a great source of information on the costs of living in Brazil.


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