Is Brazil Bigger Than Europe? (A Detailed Analysis)

Brazil is the fifth-largest country on Earth, with continental dimensions. Because of its gigantic size, the biggest country in South America is always being compared with other countries and even continents. It’s the case in this article. Is Brazil bigger than Europe?

Brazil is not bigger than Europe. The total size of Brazil (the fifth-largest country on Earth) is 3,287,956 mi². However, the area of Europe (the second-smallest continent considering the 7-continents model) is 3,930,000 mi². It means that Europe is about 1.19 times bigger than Brazil.

To fully understand the difference between the size of Brazil versus Europe is important to have some visual content since sizing is often better understood visually. In that sense, there’s a beautiful infographic in the following section for you to check all the details of today’s comparison.

Is Brazil Bigger Than Europe? (Infographic)

As Brazil is the biggest country in South America and fifth-largest on Earth, comparing its size with pretty much any country (and even continents) is often unfair. However, this time, Brazil has a great opponent: Europe. Despite being the second-small continent considering the seven continents model, Europe is huge. In the following table, you’ll be able to check the dimensions of both “competitors.”

CountryTotal Area (Square Miles)Total Area (Square Kilometers)
Brazil3,287,956 mi²8,515,767 km²
Europe3,930,000 mi²10,180,000 km²

This data is enough for a definitive answer: Europe is bigger than Brazil (about 1.2 times). However, a better way to visualize the differences between the size of both countries is an infographic. This way, you can have a better idea of how big Brazil looks when superimposed over European nations.

Is Brazil Bigger Than Europe?

To create an accurate comparison, the maps were created with a unique tool ( that correct flaws in map projections (known as Mercator distortions) and generate a map that reflects the actual size of the countries. For example, using The True Size, it’s possible to represent the actual size of Brazil when it moved over its original position on the globe and imposed over Europe.

Finally, it’s good to notice that What About Brazil has no relation and is not sponsored by this tool. The software is just so great that I feel almost obligated to give a huge shoutout/recommendation to these guys. The software is free, and you can check and play around with the tools using this link, with the setup used for this article (Brazil vs. Europe).

Brazil Is Not Bigger Than Europe

Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world and way bigger than all European nations individually. However, the total area of Europe is about 1.19 times bigger than Brazil. The area of Brazil is 3,287,956 mi², while the size of Europe is 3,930,000 mi². Europe holds 2% of Earth’s surface (6.8% of land area).

But that’s no reason for “shame” to Brazil. Compared to the top 10 largest countries on Earth, Europe would be the second place. The only country that is bigger than Europe is Russia (no surprise). You can check these data and the differences in the following table.

#CountryTotal Area (Square Miles)Total Area (Square Kilometers)
1Russia6,601,668 mi²17,098,242 km²
2Europe3,930,000 mi²10,180,000 km²
3Canada3,855,101 mi²9,984,670 km²
4China3,747,877 mi²9,706,961 km²
5United States3,618,783 mi²9,372,610 km²
6Brazil3,287,955 mi²8,515,767 km²
7Australia2,969,906 mi²7,692,024 km²
8India1,269,345 mi²3,287,590 km²
9Argentina1,073,518 mi²2,780,400 km²
10Kazakhstan1,052,089 mi²2,724,900 km²
11Algeria919,595 mi²2,381,741 km²

GDP: Brazil And Europe

Brazil is slightly slow in terms of sizing, but in terms of economy, Europe is doing way better (both in nominal and per capita GDP). The GDP numbers of the European nations together are amazing. The second on Earth, losing only to the United States. [GDP numbers from 2020].

CountryGDP – NominalGDP – Per Capita
United States$20.81 trillion$63,051
Europe$15.29 trillion$41,540
China$14.86 trillion$10,839
Japan$4.91 trillion$39,048
Germany$3.78 trillion$45,466
United Kingdom$2.64 trillion$39,229
India$2.59 trillion$1,877
France$2.55 trillion$39,257
Italy$1.85 trillion$30,657
Canada$1.60 trillion$42,080
South Korea$1.59 trillion$30,644
Russia$1.46 trillion$9,972
Brazil$1.36 trillion$6,450
Australia$1.33 trillion$51,885
Spain$1.25 trillion$26,832
Indonesia$1.09 trillion$4,038

Is Brazil the biggest country in the world? Brazil is not the biggest country in the world. The biggest country is Russia, with a total area of 6,601,668 mi² (17,098,242 km²). Brazil is the fifth-largest country and most extensive in South America, with a size of 3,287,956 mi² (8,515,767 km²).

Is Brazil bigger than London? Brazil is way bigger than the city of London, about 5416 times. Brazil is the fifth-largest country and most extensive in South America, with an area of 3,287,956 mi² (8,515,767 km²). London is the capital and largest city in England, with a size of 607 mi² (1,572 km²).

What is the 5 largest country in the world? Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, losing only to Russia, Canada, China, and the United States. It’s a gigantic country with continental dimensions, the biggest in South America, with a total area of 3,287,956 mi² (8,515,767 km²).

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