Is It Easy To Find A Job in Brazil? Jobs Trending in 2021

Is It Easy To Find A Job in Brazil?

Is is easy to find a job in Brazil?

Brazil’s economy suffered from the pandemic, but recent data shows that the economy is starting to recover. This is a unique moment where there’s a lot of opportunities in Brazil, especially for mid to high-level professionals.

As a general rule, finding a job in Brazil is easier for mid to high-level professionals that have at least intermediary Portuguese skills. For English and Spanish speakers, jobs as language instructors are common. Recently there are also more openings for remote workers in Brazilian companies.

For people seeking a new beginning or more opportunities, working in Brazil can be a good idea, but there’s a lot of things that you need to know about work permissions and the reality of the country before deciding on migrating.

Getting a Job In Brazil is Easy?

The first thing to know about how easy is to find a job in Brazil is separating in between 2 categories of workers:

  • Unauthorized Immigrant Workers

Although it is not so common in Brazil because the immigration laws are simpler than in other countries, there are unauthorized immigrant workers here. Good people, trying a better life in a different country.

Usually, without a document allowing a person to work in Brazil, there are not many options for work. The most common occupations for this category of workers are construction, agriculture, or app-based jobs.

Finding this kind of job is relatively easy in Brazil, it only depends on your skills and how well versed are you in the Portuguese language (or Spanish, as the languages ​​are similar). However, those are the lowest-paying jobs, at least for non-experienced professionals.

  • Authorized Workers

To work legally in Brazil for any company you need a license provided by the government, a work permit. This process is made by the company that has an interest in the professional, filling up authorization in the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and paying the taxes involved.

It’s important to notice that for a company of this process the worker needs to be living legally in Brazil, with at least a Temporary Visa, that allows staying in the country for a period of 90 days (up to 2 years). With the license, it is very easy to get simpler jobs, in stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, etc. As long as the professional has at least some Portuguese or Spanish skills.

Spanish is not widely spoken in Brazil, but as the languages ​​are similar to a person that speaks Spanish will be able to communicate. For mid to high-level professionals is easier to find jobs in bigger companies, as long they have at least intermediary Portuguese skills (preferably fluent).

Finally, it is important to know that getting a license to work in Brazil is a simpler process for people living in one of the Mercosur countries (Mercosul in Portuguese).

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Ecuador

Anyone who lives in any of the countries that are part of the Mercosur agreement has facilities and privileges to live and work in Brazil.

What Jobs Are in Demand in Brazil?

Brazil is a developing country and that alone would be a good reason to move to the country, but our territory is still one of the most paradisiacal places on earth. I say that moving to a developing country is a good idea because it means that as there is still a lot to be done, there are several opportunities for new companies with good jobs.

The most demanded professionals in Brazil are Specialized Doctors, Pharmacists, and Tech Specialists, according to research from Linkedin. Due to the pandemic, the Brazilian labor market changed. That’s why Linkedin research shows that these health positions are the trend for the next years.

Research provided by Linkedin in 2021 showed that the most demanded jobs in Brazil changed a lot, especially because of the pandemic, with a huge number of openings related to health services. But not only. Since most companies have been practically forced by the pandemic to adopt work at home, technology companies are taking the opportunity to hire good professionals from around the world.

#Professionals in Demand (2021)
1Specialized Doctors
2Technology Positions
3Pharmacists and Researchers
4Sales and Business Development Positions
5E-commerce Specialists
6Self-employed Digital Content Professionals
7Digital Marketing Experts
8Finance Professionals
10Health Support Positions
11Creative Services
12Data Analysis
13Customer Success Positions
14Retail Industry Professionals
15Mental Health Professionals

What Are The Most Common Occupations in Brazil?

Brazil is a gigantic country, with continental dimensions (the fifth-largest country on earth). This way, the most common occupations vary depending on which region or city a person is located.

As a general rule, the most common job openings in brazil are related to commerce and industry in general, including restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. Talking about higher education, the most common degrees in Brazil are related to the areas of Administration, Health, Law, Civil Engineering, and Pedagogy.

As these professionals are needed in literally any city in the country is very common to find job offerings related to these areas of study. To have a better understanding, check this list of the top 10 most common occupations in Brazil.

  • Management Professionals

It’s hard to imagine a business running well without a good management professional working there. From entry-level to executive positions, there are a good number of openings in these areas in Brazil. The salaries are not the best (especially for entry-level professionals), but there is a lot of work for these professionals in Brazil.

  • Accountants

In the same way that is hard to imagine a business running without management professionals, the importance of an Accountant in Brazil is even harder to estimate. The tax system in Brazil is very complex and if screw up even a little line in the papers of your company believe me: you’ll be in serious trouble. The salaries are not the best for entry-level professionals, but most Accountants start their own businesses after some years of experience

  • Technology Professionals

Technology is not the future anymore. It’s the present in every single minute of our lives (like it or not). As Brazil is a developing country there’s still a lot to be done in terms of improving technology adoption and digital transformation in the country, so there are thousands of positions for all levels and areas of technology in Brazil: from Software Engineers (my case) to Team Leaders, from Junior Developers to Blockchain Experts. The salaries are good but will depend on the experience of the candidate.

  • Teachers and Pedagogues in General

Brazil offers public and free education to all (at least in theory), so there are thousands of positions for teachers and education professionals of all levels and grades. As public education is not quite the best, there are also thousands of openings in Private Schools (my wife owns a school that goes from babies to high school, so I know well about the business) and Colleges.

  • Civil Engineers

Brazil is always growing (fortunately) and because of that, the construction industry is one of the fastest-growing in the country. In any city you go to, you will see works in progress, and not rarely, a lack of qualified professionals. From assistants to Civil Engineers, the construction industry is for sure one of the areas with the most job offers in the country.

  • Lawyers

The professional who graduated in law can choose to become a lawyer or pursue a legal career in Brazil. The two areas are wide and offer several job openings. To practice any legal activity in Brazil, the bachelor must take the Brazilian Bar Association Exam (OAB). Only after obtaining approval does the professional receive the registration that allows him to practice the profession.

  • Pharmacists

In 2020, health professionals were more than necessary to fight the pandemic. One of the examples of a large number of jobs in this area is the hiring of pharmacists due to the high demand for professionals trained to meet, guide, and commercialize medicines legally. But even before the pandemic, the demand for this type of professional is usually constant in the country.

  • Nurses

Another good example of the great demand for health professionals due to the pandemic is the huge volume of hiring nurses from all levels of experience. Salaries do not usually live up to the immense responsibility of the function, but it is still a good job opportunity for those who have the gift to serve.

  • Computer Engineers

Information technology and related services linked to the Internet, banks, and software developers for computers are sectors with strong demand in Brazil. In the last years, the search for a specific type of professional, Computer Engineers, has been very high. The vacancies usually offer several benefits and the wages are above the average.

  • Agronomist

One of the main activities in Brazil is agriculture and If there is a profession that is on the rise it is Agronomy. The agronomist is responsible for conserving and improving the productivity and quality of herds and plantations. As the country is one of the largest producers and exporters of commodities and livestock on earth, there’s always work for agronomists over here, with good salaries and excellent life quality.


Well, I believe that this article has brought a good notion of how’s the Brazilian economy going and what jobs are trending right now.

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