What Is The Average Salary In Brazil?

The average salary of a country is an important economic indicator, especially for those considering immigrating to a new place with a different economic reality. It’s no different with Brazil, mainly because it is hard to find good info about the Brazilian economy in English. So, what is the average salary in Brazil?

As a general rule, the average salary in Brazil is about $439,16 (R$ 2433) per month, considering the trading rate (1 USD = 5.54 BRL). That’s the updated data shown in the PNAD (National Survey by Household Sample) research. It doesn’t sound as much, but it’s hard to make this income in Brazil.

But this isolated number only gives a glimpse of the Brazilian economic reality. To learn more about the average salary in Brazil, the average monthly salary for the top 100 jobs that employ the most in Brazil, and much more, read on.

Average Salary In Brazil (Infographic)

What Is The Average Salary In Brazil?

In this article, we did extensive research on the Brazilian work market. For this, we used official government data, crossed with data from the specialized Brazilian consultancy IDados, and based on the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD). The information and numbers used in the study consider the second quarter of the year, of the last four years.

This research considers the ordinary real income of the main occupation of those who are inserted in the market (after discounting inflation).

The most recent data shows that the average salary in Brazil is about $439,16 (R$ 2433) per month, considering the trading rate (1 USD = 5.54 BRL). This value represents a reduction of 7% compared to the same period of the previous year (2020) and is the lower average salary in Brazil since 2017.

The main factors that influenced the reduction in the average salaries were the pandemic, unemployment, and underemployment (in addition to the effects of inflation). One of the leading researchers at IDados, Bruno Ottoni, said the following: “The pandemic has affected the average income of Brazilians who work. Those who are returning to work are finding a fragile market and this harms their income”.

Finally, it’s important to notice that despite its value seeming low, making this kind of salary in Brazil is not that easy. Actually, 2433 BRL is more than 81% of Brazilians earn per month.

Average Monthly Salary In Brazil Is Low (89 Out Of 100 Countries)

To give more context to the numbers, I prepared other relevant data on the average salary in Brazil. Using a ranking from the Global Savings Group, you can see how the Brazilian average wage is compared to other international peers.

In a ranking of 100 countries, the average salary in Brazil is 89th. The nation that best pays its citizens is Switzerland. The average amount converted from Swiss francs is $6136.17 (R$ 34,236.75). It’s 17.6 times higher than the Brazilian average wage. Luxembourg and Singapore complete the top 3, with averages of $4242.64 (R$ 23,671.83) and $4041.82 (R$ 22,551.32), respectively.

Brazil’s bad position stems from low remuneration and the confluence of two other disadvantages at the moment: high taxes and exchange devaluation. In Latin America, there is only one country worse than Brazil in this ranking: Colombia, which is in 93rd place, with a salary of $309.84 (R$ 1728.78). The ranking does not include poorer countries, such as Haiti and Venezuela.

The country with the best average salary in the region is Panama, with an average of $722.02 (R$ 4,028.53), in 53rd position. Finally, the survey also shows that Tunisia has the lowest (worst) average salary among those surveyed $285.44 (R$ 1,592.61).

Average Salary In Brazil For Most Common Jobs

In this article, you have already found the average monthly salary in Brazil considering all jobs. But what about a ranking of the average monthly wages for the top 100 professions that employ most Brazilians? In the following table, you’ll find the top hundred jobs that Brazil employs the most.

I have a hard time translating all the names of the professions into English. Some of them are not quite perfect because there are no direct translations available, so please, be comprehensive. It was a lot of work to convert all the openings and values. The complete research is available here (In Portuguese, without converted BRL values).

JobAverage Monthly Salary (BRL)Average Monthly Salary (USD)
Operador de Telemarketing Ativo
(Active Telemarketing Operator)
R$ 1144.96$206.69
Inspetor de Alunos
(Truant Officer)
R$ 1210.66$218.55
Operador de Telemarketing
(Receptive Telemarketing Operator)
R$ 1275.37$230.24
Auxiliar de Desevolvimento Infantil
(Child Development Assistant)
R$ 1320.78$238.43
Atendente de Lanchonete
(Diner Attendant / Waiter)
R$ 1330.23$240.14
Vendedor de Comércio Varejista
(Retail Salesman)
R$ 1345.53$242.90
Atendente de Lojas e Mercados
(Supermarket Attendant)
R$ 1349.79$243.67
(Gas Station Attendant)
R$ 1361.77$245.83
Auxiliar de Conservação de Vias
(Road Worker – Maintenance)
R$ 1367.41$246.85
Atendente de Farmácia
(Pharmacy Attendant)
R$ 1368.79$247.10
R$ 1390.81$251.08
R$ 1393.53$251.57
Varredor de Rua
(Street Sweeper)
R$ 1405.74$253.77
Repositor de Mercadorias
R$ 1418$255.98
Camareira de Hotel
(Room Maid)
R$ 1435.09$259.07
Operador de Caixa
R$ 1442.79$260.46
Auxiliar Serviços Alimentação
(Food Service Assistant)
R$ 1443.09$260.51
Embalador / Pacoteiro
R$ 1450.79$261.90
R$ 1452.66$262.24
Agente Comunitário de Saúde
(Community Health Agent)
R$ 1498.66$270.55
Motociclista Entregador
(Delivery – Motorcycle)
R$ 1515.52$273.59
Recepcionista Geral
(General Receptionist)
R$ 1528.93$276.01
Recepcionista Consultório
(Clinic Receptionist)
R$ 1533.80$276.89
R$ 1535.63$277.22
Vendedor Atacadista
R$ 1551.03$280.00
(Office Boy)
R$ 1571.84$283.76
R$ 1576.80$284.65
Manutenção de Edificações
(Construction Maintenance)
R$ 1589.32$286.91
Serviços de Limpeza
R$ 1589.87$287.01
Servente de Obras
(Construction Helper)
R$ 1609.98$290.64
R$ 1621.34$292.69
Ajudante de Motorista
(Driver Assistant)
R$ 1623.52$293.05
Trabalhador Agropecuário
(Agricultural Worker)
R$ 1644.38$296.82
R$ 1646.61$297.22
Cozinheiro Geral
(General Cook)
R$ 1670.91$301.61
Cobrador Transporte Coletivo
(Ticket Collector)
R$ 1677.55$302.81
Professor Médio – Ed Infantil
(Mid-Level Teacher – Kintergarden)
R$ 1681.83$303.58
R$ 1700.70$306.99
R$ 1702.59$307.33
Auxiliar de Escritório
(Office Assistant)
R$ 1729.74$312.23
Trabalhador Temporário Agricultura
(Temporary Worker – Agriculture)
R$ 1753.78$316.57
Escriturário de Banco
(Bank Clerk)
R$ 1761.14$317.90
Assistente Administrativo
(Administrative Assistant)
R$ 1793.39$323.72
Trabalhador Pecuária
(Livestock Worker)
R$ 1843.73$332.80
Técnico de Enfermagem
(Nursing Technician)
R$ 1844.69$332.98
Mecânico de Automóveis
(Car Mechanic)
R$ 1850.20$333.97
Zelador de Edifício
(Building Janitor)
R$ 1859.78$335.70
Assistente de Vendas
(Sales Assistant)
R$ 1869.78$337.51
R$ 1881.51$339.62
Motorista Carro
(Car Driver)
R$ 1898.44$342.67
Auxiliar de Contabilidade
(Accountant Assistant)
R$ 1943.58$350.83
Agente de Saúde Pública
(Public Health Agent)
R$ 2013.02$363.36
Auxiliar de Enfermagem
(Nursing Assistant)
R$ 2049.03$369.86
Auxiliar de Manutenção Predial
(Building Maintenance Assistant)
R$ 2083.98$376.17
R$ 2109.62$380.80
Conferente de Carga
(Truckload Checker)
R$ 2156.62$390.04
Prof Nível Médio – Fundamental
(Teacher – Elementary)
R$ 2160.82$390.79
Gerente de Loja
(Store Manager)
R$ 2164.96$397.67
Motorista de Furgão
(Van Driver)
R$ 2203.08$406.70
Motorista de Ônibus
(Bus Driver)
R$ 2253.12$408.15
R$ 2261.14$410.12
(Construction Worker)
R$ 2272.04$410.33
Motorista de Ônibus
(Bus Driver – Intercities, Interstate)
R$ 2273.24$414.12
Promotor de Vendas
(Sales Promoter)
R$ 2294.25$415.33
Professor do EJA
(Adult Education Teacher)
R$ 2300.95$424.39
Alimentador Linha de Produção
(Production Line Worker)
R$ 2351.12$431.75
Professor de Ensino Superior
(Higher Education Professor)
R$ 2391.88$438.05
Secretária Executiva
(Executive Secretary)
R$ 2426.80$442.68
Operador de Empilhadeira
(Forklift Operator)
R$ 2452.43$443.78
Prof Nível Superior – Ed Infantil
(Kintergarden Teacher)
R$ 2458.53$447.71
Motorista de Caminhão
(Truck Driver)
R$ 2480.34$448.08
Auxiliar de Pessoal
(HR Assistant)
R$ 2482.36$450.79
Operador de Máquinas
(Machine Operator)
R$ 2497.36$463.80
Carregador – Armazém
(Warehouse Loader)
R$ 2569.43$525.26
Inspetor de Qualidade
(Quality Inspector)
R$ 2909.93$547.76
Eletricista – Manutenção
(Maintenance Electrician)
R$ 3034.60$553.05
Coordenador Pedagógico
(Pedagogical Coordinator)
R$ 3063.89$568.82
Tratorista Agrícola
(Tractor Driver)
R$ 3151.24$597.05
Supervisor de Vendas
(Sales Manager)
R$ 3307.63$599.91
Eletricista Instalações
(Installation Electrician)
R$ 3323.51$601.79
Supervisor Administrativo
(Administrative Manager)
R$ 3333.94$617.79
Mecânico Máquinas
(Machinery Mechanic)
R$ 3422.53$648.96
R$ 3595.22$651.37
Analista RH
(HR Analyst)
R$ 3608.60$682.17
Mestre de Obras
(Chief Construction Worker)
R$ 3779.21$689.05
Operador de Máquinas Fixas
(Fixed Machine Operator)
R$ 3817.32$691.40
R$ 3830.34$698.60
R$ 3870.27$703.49
R$ 3897.33$727.55
Analista de Suporte
(Tech Support Analyst)
R$ 4030.61$789.70
R$ 4374.93$819.28
Técnico Segurança do Trabalho
(Work Safety Technician)
R$ 4538.81$831.00
(Software Developer)
R$ 4633.75$836.28
Gerente Administrativo
(Senior Administrative Manager)
R$ 4652.65$839.71
Gerente Comercial
(Commercial Manager)
R$ 5083.58$917.61
Gerente de Vendas
(Senior Sales Manager)
R$ 5406.97$975.99
Trabalhador Cultura de Cana
(Sugarcane Worker)
R$ 6110.24$1102.93
Analista de Sistemas
(Systems Analyst)
R$ 6478.47$1169.40
Médico Clínico
(Clinical Doctor)
R$ 8480.66$1530.81

*Remember, those are not the highest paying jobs, but a ranking of the average salary for the top 100 jobs that employ the most in Brazil.

Average Salary In Brazil: Is It The Ideal For A Comfortable Life?

Despite being a good indicator, the average salaries are far from necessary to live a comfortable life here in Brazil. According to the National Food Basket Survey, the ideal salary to live in Brazil would be around 1021.23 USD (5657.66 BRL). According to the agency itself, this value takes into account several factors. The main one is an increase in the average cost of Basic Food Baskets (BFB) in several Brazilian cities.

But that’s not the only survey showing that Brazilians should be making more money to live well.

A study made by Dieese institute says that the ideal minimum wage for Brazilians should be 1007.92 USD (5,583.90 BRL). However, this value is far from the actual Brazilian minimum wage: the updated value of the minimum wage in Brazil for 2022 is about 218.77 USD (1212.00 BRL).

This estimate of the ideal minimum wage considers many factors. The most important one is the recent rise in the Basic Food Basket (BFB) prices in Brazil, verified in several cities. The most important cities to the index are: São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador. All these five cities showed a considerable increase in the price of the BFB.

CityBFB Price (BRL)BFB Price (USD)
São PauloR$ 673.45$121.56
Rio de JaneiroR$ 643.06$116.07
Porto AlegreR$ 672.39$121.37
FlorianópolisR$ 662.85$119.64
SalvadorR$ 478.86$86.43

The numbers shown in the study based on the National Food Basket Survey are a good indicator that the average salary is low, but they don’t count in another important thing: comfort, leisure and living in a simple (but comfortable) house. Considering those other variables, even a salary of 1021.23 USD would still be below what is necessary for a comfortable life in Brazil. This is what the data from this research I did a some time ago on What About Brazil show.

On average, to live comfortably in Brazil a couple will need a monthly income of 1221 USD. A family of four needs a little bit more, with the necessary salary per month to live a comfortable life in Brazil around 1741 USD. These values can vary depending on which region of the country you are in.

These values can vary depending on the city that you choose to live in, but as you’re about to see in the results of our research, at current trading rates, 1221 USD is enough money to live a comfortable life in Brazil as a couple, or 1741 USD for a family of four. To view all the details of the cost of living in Brazil, check: How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Brazil?

Related Questions

How much do Brazilians get paid? The average monthly salary in Brazil is about $440 (R$ 2433). It does not sound as much, but it’s hard to make this money in Brazil. About 81% of the population lives with less than the average. Finally, the updated minimum wage in Brazil is around $220 (R$ 1212).

How much is Brazilian minimum wage? The most recent value for the Brazilian minimum wage is R$ 1212. Considering the current trading rates, it’s about $220 or €191. It’s far from the ideal salary to live in Brazil. Even so, around 55% of Brazilians live with less than the minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in Brazil in USD? The minimum wage in Brazil is USD is about $220. That’s the most recent number, updated for the year 2022. In the Brazilian currency (BRL), the minimum wage is R$ 1212. That’s a low value, but 55% of the Brazilian population lives with less than that.

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